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bosch benchmark wall oven

What others call eco-friendly, we've always called Bosch engineering.

For Bosch, producing quality, efficient, effective products that use fewer resources for better results isn't a fad or a new approach - it's what we've always done. Creating powerful, well-made appliances that use less, while you get more. Using innovative technology and smart engineering to make products that improve not only our daily life, but the future as well. However you want to define it, as "green", as "efficient" or simply as "Bosch", it's the result of having a heritage of innovation and a continuing commitment to quality in everything we do.


Like the ingredients used in preparing the perfect meal, every Bosch appliance is built with only the finest materials. Assembled with robotic precision, then tested to ensure they meet the standards set by our German engineers. The word "perfectionist" should leap to mind. In fact, nothing - not one product bearing the Bosch logo - leaves our factory until it's 100% perfect.


An amazing machine that risks harming the environment is as unacceptable to us as a green appliance that doesn't do its job. More than creating the most innovative appliances available, Bosch engineering balances the highest performance achievable with the least amount of impact on the environment. Enough so, that every one of our clothes washers, refrigerators, and dishwashers earn the EnergyStar ® rating.


Bosch is recognized as a worldwide leader in sustainable manufacturing. By fully embracing green manufacturing technologies, we were the first manufacturer in the world to discontinue the use of CFCs in the production of our refrigerators. As well as the first to have all of our facilities certified 14001 by the International Organization for Standardization, meaning we adhere to the strictest environmental codes.